Issue #2: Data retention laws, Optane SSD's & more

Published April 23 2017 · Edit on GitHub

Welcome to the second week of Byte by Byte. If this is your first email from us, chances are you might’ve been subscribed via my blog. You can unsubscribe via the bottom of this email if this isn’t the thing for you, no hard feelings.

Bit of a mix of articles this week including some political, phishing and new releases.

Mandatory ISP data retention

This is quite a long post by Troy Hunt covering the increasing issue of metadata retention by ISPs and the effect it is happening.

Phishing with Unicode Domains

It looks like this has now been patched in the newest version of Google Chrome (So update!) but this technique of using Unicode domains could’ve been pretty big.

Intel’s New SSD

10 years in the making, Intel are releasing a new SSD that is rumored to be five-to-eight times faster than NAND SSDs. Unfortunately its unlikely to be available in any commercial products this year.

Intel Pulls Out of OpenStack Effort

This is a sad time for OpenStack as Intel pulls out of a joint effort it made with Rackspace. This isn’t the first time this has happened recently either with Cisco and HPE both shifting their focus to other areas.

Abusing NVIDIA’s node.js to bypass application whitelisting

The final post for this week is a sad day for anyone with an NVIDIA graphics card. Hope you enjoy running Node.js on your system!

Thats it for this week! I’m trying to stay away from tools and just stick to articles, let me know what you think. Don’t forget to checkout our GitHub repository for getting involved with next weeks issue.

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