Issue #3: Stack Overflow architecture, SugarCRM woes & more

Published April 30 2017 · Edit on GitHub

It has been a pretty busy week personally so this edition is a bit late, sorry about that! I’ve got some old and new articles this week and I’m also working on a JavaScript free design for our website that should launch next week.

Stack Overflow: The Architecture - 2016

Bit of an old article but still great. This three part series goes into Stack Overflows architecture from the technology stack to the physical (not cloud!) hardware that powers it.

Tales of SugarCRM Security Horrors

For those that don’t know, SugarCRM is a Customer Relationship Management tool. Turns out that the free edition is not nearly as secure as I’m sure many people had hoped.

Cybersecurity firm exposed non-anonymized hospital data in demos

In security news this week a California hospital has non-anonymized network data exposed due to a live demo by one of their vendors.

FlexiSpy hack Pastebin

FlexiSpy shutdown their whole network earlier this week which prompted the release of this pastebin. For those that don’t know, FlexiSpy is a pretty shady company dealing with remote spying/monitoring tools.

How SHH got port 22

This is a pretty short read on how port 22 ended up being SSH with a few guides on allowing it through iptables.

I struggled to find articles this week sadly so some of the content might be sub-par. If you’d like to get involved with next week and submit some articles checkout our issue tracker on GitHub.

P.S: for those of you on HipChat make sure you’ve read this article about their security breach!