Issue #1: Prison computers, git repos in Dropbox & more

Published April 16 2017 · Edit on GitHub

Welcome to the first issue of Byte by Byte. This is a weekly newsletter that links just 5 articles or tools around technology for your consumption. This week we’ve got links about inmates building computers in prison, using Dropbox as a remote git endpoint and everything inbetween.

If you’ve got any feedback around what articles you’d like see or what you didn’t like I’d love to hear! Reach out on Twitter or on our GitHub repo.

Prisoners built two PCs whilst still in jail

This is a pretty interesting article on how two prisoners built two PCs from spare parts, hid them away and went to town on the state’s network.

Git -> Dropbox bridge

I don’t really know why this is a thing but its cool nonetheless. It allows you to use a public Dropbox folder (RIP) as a remote for a git repo and apparently gets around all the issues surrounding using Dropbox as a way of storing git repos.

Hexing the technical interview

I don’t really know how to explain this article, but just read it.

Data Transfers Post-Brexit

The whole Brexit fiasco is still pretty hard to comprehend, this article by Cloudflare outlines what the EU and UK are doing around data transfer currently and what happens when (or if) Brexit eventually happens.

Burn testing for Hypervisors/Storage Servers

Stress testing hypervisor isn’t something I’ve seen talked about much. Since they’re cattle its seen that they can be put into service and be replaced when stuff breaks. This post goes into detail on ways of testing your hypervisor before putting it into production.

Thats it for this week! I’m still very new to this whole newsletter thing so expect the first few weeks to be a bit rusty. If you’d like to contribute to next weeks newsletter checkout our GitHub repo and send through some links!