Issue #6: Wind turbines, 45 teraflops, NBN drama & more

Published May 21 2017 · Edit on GitHub

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Things have calmed down a little bit after the drama of WannaCry last week. I imagine there are still a lot of busy sysadmins out there hoping their backups are intact!

Google Cloud brings 45 teraflop processors

Google has launched its second gen tensor processor used for machine learning and artificial intelligence. Bring on the Google overlords.

Burbo Bank wind farm launches tallest turbines

Off the east coast of England new wind turbines have launched standing a staggering 195 meters tall, making these the tallest wind turbines in use on the planet.

Cloudflare takes on a patent troll

I feel like I’m continually reporting about Cloudflare but again they have another interesting article. Blackbird Tech LLC has issued a patent infringement against them and they aren’t taking it nicely.

Responding to Bill Morrow’s Gigabit NBN “facts”

The Sizzle responds to NBN CEO Bill Morrow’s blog post about gigabit internet. For those that don’t know, Bill Morrow recently made a remark saying that “even if we offered it for free, we see the evidence around the world that they wouldn’t use it anyway”. This post goes into depth on what they really mean.

Can you ‘hack’ a commercial aircraft

A single tweet meant Chris Roberts was removed from a United flight. This article goes into whether it is possible to hack into a airliners systems through the inflight entertainment, what Chris did and what the FBI thought about it.

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