Issue #5: NBN, Cloudflare hate, IoT botnets & more

Published May 14 2017 · Edit on GitHub

Busy week compared to last week. Some fairly political articles and some closer to home for us Aussies! More links than normal, let me know if you think this is to many.

Current state of the Australian NBN

The NBN has been a hot topic for far to long. This post goes over its history and how we got to where we are today.

‘Accidental hero’ halts ransomware attack

By registering a domain, twitter user MalwareTech managed to stop the latest round of ransomware sweeping across Europe and other areas.

CPU Utilization is Wrong

CPU utilization is something I’ve always struggled to articulate and it turns out I’ve likely been doing it wrong anyway. Finally, a post that goes into what it all really means.

2017 Backblaze Harddrive Stats

Backblaze have released their Q1 2017 harddrive results. Checkout their other reports on their blog.

Remotely Exploitable Type Confusion in Windows 8, 8.1, 10 and more

Sad week for a lot of Microsoft people, with ransomewear sweeping across the world this remote executable issue isn’t going to help

Cloudflare “helps serve up hate on the web”

Fairly political this article but a good read. I’m interested in what people think. This follow up article by ArsTechnica is also worth reading.

Google fights back at IoT Botnet

After KerbsOnSecurity got DDoS’d by the Mirai botnet, Google took the website on behind its Sheild service. A Google security engineer goes into detail on the decisions that went on behind the scenes.

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