Issue #9: AWS Pricing, direnv, Software Interviews & more

Published June 11 2017 · Edit on GitHub

Adding a new section this week called Tool of the week. This is where we’ll link a single tool that we found during the week (or previous ones!).

Tool of the week - direnv

This is our new section of the newsletter where we give you a single neat little tool we’ve found from the previous week. This week its direnv, which lets you automatically set environment variables when you enter a directory in bash. Pretty neat!


The AWS spend of a SaaS side-business

The first article for this week covers financial journey onto AWS and how it can be cheap in certain circumstances.

Spy Games - A Secretive Intelligence Agency, A High-Flying Contractor - And A Big Data Breach

UpGuard goes into depth on how one of its employees found, reported and the response they got when they found an unsecured S3 bucket containing data belonging to the US DoD.

Welcome to the software interview

A step by step play on how an interview for a technical translator went.

Malware Uses Router LEDs to Steal Data From Secure Networks

Ever looked at your switch and wondered why it was going so crazy? Well, maybe it you should be worried what its doing. Could be leaking data without you even knowing. Just don’t mind the big camera in front of it.

Vocus takeover bid

Vocus is in the middle of a takeover bid by US private equity firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts not long after merging with M2 group. Interesting times for the AU telecom industry.

For those of you in the webhosting industry, please check your backups and who has access to them! You don’t want to end up like these poor guys and gave a rouge sysadmin destroy all your data.

Verelox response