Issue #13: South Australia's battery, Medicare leak, Chatbots & more

Published July 9 2017 · Edit on GitHub

Late issue this week for our 13th edition, hope everyone is either having or has had a great Sunday!

In some news closer to home, Cadbury chocolate factory has been hit by Petya. Hopefully this wont impact everyones sweets supply.

Tool of the week - dnssearch

dnssearch is a subdomain enumeration tool which lets you discover potential common (or uncommon!) subdomains. Its fast. Like, real fast, scanning at roughly 150 records/s in my tests.


The Medicare machine: patient details of ‘any Australian’ for sale on darknet

For as little as $22US you could buy the details of any Australian via the “darknet”. This post by the Guardian covers how leaks through Medicare, Australia’s publicly funded healthcare system, have impacted everyones data.

The key to old Petya versions has been published by the malware author

The author of the original Petya ransomware has now released the public key used to encrypt files.

Your interpreter isn’t safe anymore  - The PHP module rootkit

This post goes into the history of rootkits, how they work and why the author wrote a PHP PoC.

Chatbots Deliver the Worst Customer Service

Chatbots aren’t something that I’ve actually seen have the big impact we were promised. My experience is mostly limited to Siri, which I hardly use. This post covers the history of chat bots and how it feels to use them.

Elon Musk’s battery for South Australia

These two posts cover South Australia’s fantastic choice to work with Tesla to build a battery farm. This post by the Guardian is a tad big longer than this post of Gizmodo so you can chose your poison. Personally I’d go with The Guardian.