Issue #11: AWS Security, Crypto crash, more WannaCry & more

Published June 25 2017 · Edit on GitHub

Lots of news this week on a wide range of topics! I’ve started putting ⭐’s to my favourite article of the week, let me know what you think.

Tool of the week - Zappa

Zappa is a python framework around AWS’ API/lambda features allowing you to deploy serverless APIs. I just moved my personal API written in flask to it and it was a breeze!

AWS Security Primer

This post goes into the complexities of AWS Security and the dos and don’ts. Don’t be the company that goes offline because your AWS Account got compromised.

Ethereum Price Crash

Earlier this week Ethereum’s price crashed at the GDAX exchange after a multimillion dollar trade. Luckily other exchanges managed to stay stable.

Honda Plant hit by WannaCry

Weeks after WannaCry raced across Europe and other countries, a Honda manufacturing plant has been hit causing it to halt production.

Facebook’s new front-end servers

Slightly old but still an incredibly interesting read for those who work in data centres. Facebook goes into its new tiny server design and the amazing density they can get out of them. Seriously, these things are so small.

Alphabet claims Uber’s acquisitions took files

After Uber’s CEO stepped down last week, its now come to light again that Alphabet (Google’s parent company) claims that a startup Uber acquired took documents from the company and then covered up.